Water Testing

water testing

Water sources can become contaminated at any time without your knowledge. Only through water testing can you be certain of a continued supply of clean, safe water.


Private Well Water

Privately owned wells are responsible for the quality of the water pumped from the well, which means they need their own water treatment systems. The most common contaminants found in local wells are bacteria, nitrates, iron and ecoli.  Annual well water testing for these contaminants and includes:

  • Well Inspections
  • Well Chlorinations
  • Water Sample Collection

Public Municipal Water Treatment System

For public health and safety, water is treated before it reaches your home. Water treatment involves the removal of impurities that make water unsafe for everyday consumption.


While water treatment systems filter out many different impurities, they do not necessarily filter out impurities that cause water problems such as bitter taste, foul odor, or mineral deposits.


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A safe, reliable water treatment system is an important investment. We offer fast, friendly, and affordable financing programs for whole house softening, filtration, and drinking water treatment systems.