Signs of Hard Water Issues

signs of hard water issues

There are a lot of good reasons to soften your home’s water as hard water problems can wreak havoc on your plumbing,  appliances and even your hair and skin. Here are some signs:

  • Your Water Tastes or Smells Funny
  • You’re Getting Strange Stains on porcelain
  • Constantly Cleaning Up Soap Scum
  • Shower Heads Has A Crusty Build Up That Causes Weak Pressure
  • Your Pipes Keep Getting Clogged
  • Your Clothes Aren’t Getting Clean
  • Your Family Has Skin Irritation Issues
  • Your Appliances Are Wearing Out Quickly

There are different solutions to various water issues, but there’s only one answer for hard water. Installing a water softener in your home.


Water softeners remove things like calcium, magnesium and iron from your water as it comes in from the source. It’s an investment that could save you headaches as well as money.